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4:49pm 11-11-2009

Where do you come from?

April 24th 2008
11:37:02 PM

Hi Luis

It was a pleasure for me to build your website,
I am not a pro-designer but I did my best to create a nice clean and easy navagition
which is very important in my view. Also thumbnails are important I don't like stamp sizes!!
But that's me. You improve a lot, and I like your waterfalls,
landscapes, and of course the baby portraits.
Your birds in flight are super as well, very hard to catch in flight because they are so fast.
I am happy that you like your website,
and I wish you good luck with it and I hope you get a lot visitors,
it is really worth it to look at that for sure

Take it to the limit.......a great choice for your website name

4:46pm 11-11-2009

Where do you come from?

Brisbane Australia
April 24th 2008
07:01:38 PM

Beautifully designed and set out web site to compliment work wonderful photography Luis,

4:44pm 11-11-2009

Where do you come from?

Minnesota - U.S.A.
April 24th 2008
06:32:09 PM

hi Luis!! What a BEAUTIFUL SITE you've put together here.
Your photography is amazing; your work is professional.
I look forward to seeing more and more all the time.
See you in the Gallerys sweetie! xxx

4:38pm 11-11-2009
Daniel O'Byrne
April 24th 2008
12:30:59 PM


Hello Luis my friend the website looks fantastic congratulations
and also to Ilona for creating such a fabulous site and great design

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