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3:30pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

December 4th 2008
06:11:33 AM

Unas fotos muy bonitas sigue asi qu son muy chulas. Un fuerte abrazo desde Burgos.
3:28pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

los alcazares
November 23rd 2008
03:48:24 AM

me encanta tu trabajo y tu pagina, muy bueno de verdad

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3:26pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

November 16th 2008
02:50:47 AM

Hi Louis,
your site is very very nice
I waited you on my site. Come to sign my guest-book....

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3:24pm 11-13-2009
Michel Gillard (GiMi

Where do you come from?

South Belgium
November 2nd 2008
05:26:01 AM

Hi Luis,
I just brwsed your website and really enjoyed to see all your excellent pictures organized in folders. Your site is a great model for my forthcoming website...

Take care, my friend
:~) michel
3:22pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

united kingdom
October 28th 2008
09:58:32 AM

Your photos are really good i like the Macros gallery not easy pictures to take. Keep up the great work

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3:20pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

October 15th 2008
03:13:29 AM

Hi Luis

You have some wonderful images on your website

greetings Ger
3:19pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?


Do you have a website?

October 14th 2008
02:08:05 PM

Hi Luis

I have update your website. I hope you are happy with it.
So hopefully you get some more visitors.
You have some wonderful series, I like your mine series, such a wonderful colours.
Very impressive, no doubts.

Hugs Ilona

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3:17pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

October 3rd 2008
04:27:55 PM

Just rechecking your work. Great variety of images. Brilliant.

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3:14pm 11-13-2009
Piet Vermeulen

Where do you come from?

South Africa
July 1st 2008
12:45:09 PM

Hi Luis

I cannot say much more than what has already been said here. I do think your site to be catchy and special. Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

I think Ilona has done very well putting this together for you.

Piet vermeulen
3:12pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

June 21st 2008
02:00:02 AM

Hello Luis! You have a such a wonderful gallery, full of gorgeous and wonderful pictures of many things. Realy enjoyed a texture series.

seeya T

3:10pm 11-13-2009
Juan Avalos

Where do you come from?

Extremadura (España).
June 10th 2008
03:25:27 AM

Viendo estas galerias se puede entender como la fotografia es un arte.
La sensibilidad, el instante, el captar cada una de esas imagenes, de este modo, solo lo hace alguien con don, un artista.
Captar la imagen de un halcón en un picado, "capturarlo" en sus gestos en una pasada sobre el señuelo, o su presa, es algo muy dificil, y más hacerlo como lo ha hecho Luis.
Esos bo****nes de la Barraca Murciana, son una maravilla, como otras fotos más. Mi enhorabuena, y agradecimiento por haber podido disfrutar de estas imagenes.
Un cordial saludo.
3:09pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

June 9th 2008
11:07:40 AM

Realmente espléndida, aunque seguro que hay muchas pero muchas más que aqui no vemos. Te felicito has hecho un trabajo precioso.
3:07pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

June 9th 2008
04:13:05 AM

Muy bonito tus fotos y me gusta tu website

maureen chlorine
3:04pm 11-13-2009

Where do you come from?

Michigan, USA
June 5th 2008
09:47:23 AM

Very nice stuff! As a budding photographer I like looking at other peoples work for inspiration. I shoot with a Canon 40D. Hopefully soon I will have a beautiful web to show my pix too!
Keep up the good work!

Say cheese! ~Debbie~
3:02pm 11-13-2009
Klaus (aka Hendesse)

Where do you come from?

June 1st 2008
05:03:23 AM

Hello Luis!

Really a fantastic site you have here. Excellent photos, a pleasure to spend the time here and to explore all the beautiful images. Best wishes from Heidelberg, also from
Ana-Maria y Philip.


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